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End Of Life Care VS Palliative Care In North Las Vegas, NV

Find out about the difference between end of life care and palliative care in North Las Vegas, NV.

Also known as comfort care, palliative care is a specialized set of supports and services designed to bring comfort and quality of life to individuals with severe medical disorders. Comfort care is a team approach to patient care that involves doctors, nurses, social workers, massage therapists, clergy, and non-medical care personnel. This care can be started at any time during an individual's condition, but the sooner services are started the greater an individual's ability to avoid physical and emotional pain. Palliative care is intertwined with curative and restorative efforts with the goal of bringing an individual back to 100 percent.

What Is the Difference Between Palliative and End of Life Care in North Las Vegas, NV?

End of life care, or hospice, is also a team approach to patient care designed to bring comfort and quality of life to individuals with severe medical disorders. There are three main differences between palliative care and end of life care, however.

1.End of life care is designed for people who are in their final six months of expected life.

2.Hospice care does not begin until all curative treatments have ceased.

3.Pain management is typically much more aggressive and may involve complete sedation.

Simply put, palliative services are a key component of hospice care, but it can also be utilized as part of a curative treatment plan. While palliative services can be combined with a variety of treatment options, including those designed to cure a condition or restore health, hospice can only begin once curative treatments have ceased.

Both end of life and palliative care are designed to maximize a senior's dignity and quality of life, but once a situation becomes terminal, hospice incorporates other aspects of care that would not be included in pre-hospice palliative services. A few additional areas addressed by hospice are:

  • Counseling for the senior and their family on obtaining closure
  • Reviewing standards of care for the dying
  • Aggressive pain management techniques including complete sedation.

A few areas that are the same between palliative services and end of life care include:

  • Team-based approach to caregiving
  • Focus on dignity, privacy, and self-esteem
  • Similar housekeeping supports including cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, running errands
  • Similar personal care supports, such as eating, toileting, bathing, grooming, and dressing

In its simplest form, palliative care provides comfort and quality of life for suffering individuals. If the situation turns terminal, additional supports reserved for the final months of a person's life can be added to ensure they are able to die with dignity.

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