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Medication Managment is an Important Part of Senior Home Care Services in Las Vegas, NV

Find out why medication management is such a crucial component of senior home care services, and how Comfort Keepers of Las Vegas, NV can help with this important task.

Comfort Keeper in-home care provides a plethora of supports and services that enable seniors to safely and independently remain in the comfort of their own home despite daily living or personal care challenges. According to the National Institute of Health, one of the primary challenges many seniors face involves medication management. Comfort Keepers in-home care can help.

Senior Home Care Services Can Include Medication Management in Las Vegas, NV

Improper medication management is one of the leading reasons seniors end up in the emergency room or end up being readmitted soon after a hospital discharge. There are many reasons seniors may struggle in this area, including memory issues, mobility challenges, or simply balancing the vast number of medications they must take. This can be complicated by an acute medical incident, medical procedure, or hospital stay when even more medications are added to the mix. Regardless of the reason for the challenges, however, Comfort Keepers senior home care services provide exceptional medication management support.

Comfort Keepers senior home care services cannot administer medication, but they can:

  • Ensure safe access to medications, especially for seniors with mobility challenges
  • Provide reminders regarding timings, dosages, and how medications are to be taken
  • Assist with the reading of labels and the opening of medication bottles
  • Ensure medications are properly stored
  • Help with medication documentation, including inventories and master lists
  • Re-order medications in a timely manner
  • Pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy

Comfort Keepers also provides technological solutions for medication management, including electronic pill dispensers like the TabSafe unit. Pill dispensers ensure the correct dosages are provided at the right time, prevent overdosing, and can even alert the senior and/or their family members if a dose is late or missed.

Medication management is a serious issue, but with the support of Comfort Keepers senior home care services, your senior loved one can overcome the challenges and enjoy the freedom and enjoyment of safely aging in place.

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