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Comfort Keepers TabSafe Dispenser & Home Care For Elderly In Las Vegas, NV

Learn more about our TabSafe dispenser and how it can help provide safe home care for elderly loved ones in Las Vegas, NV.

Having to juggle multiple medication schedules can not only be confusing and frustrating, but it can be dangerous as well. Are you taking the right amount of the right medications at the right time every day? Are you being sure not to mix certain medications with each other?

According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, more than one-third of medication-related hospitalizations are due to improper medication intake. Medications are supposed to keep you healthy and safe, not cause you more harm.

With products like the TabSafe Dispenser by SafetyChoice, we can help you manage your medications safely as a regular part of home care for elderly loved ones. The TabSafe Dispenser is an effective, affordable way to help you manage your medications.  

TabSafe Dispenser Features

The TabSafe Dispenser is one of the most affordable and effective ways to manage medications on a daily basis. Some of its notable features include:

  • Holds anywhere from 16-32 interchangeable doses
  • Dispenses medication only as needed
  • Plugs into your existing phone line
  • Has a backup battery that lasts up to 24 hours
  • Will let out visual and audio notifications when it’s time to take a dose
  • Can make automated calls to up to 3 numbers if you miss a dose
  • Will alert the around-the-clock monitoring center if there is no response

Give us a call to schedule a home care for elderly consultation with one of our SafetyChoicespecialists. We’ll help you manage your medications easily and safely. Contact us if you have any more questions about the TabSafe Dispenser, our home care for elderly or any of our other safety products.


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