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Planning & Funding Senior Care Services In Paradise, NV

Find out about the supports available to help you plan senior care services for your loved one in Paradise, NY.

When seniors start to struggle with daily living tasks many of them wonder if they will be able to maintain their independence. Others worry that their quality of life will decrease significantly. Although most seniors want to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their home, many start to wonder about assisted living communities and nursing homes as they grow older. The good news is that in-home senior care can provide the supports and services your senior loved one requires to safely reside at home while maintaining a high-quality of life. Even better, this care almost always costs less than moving into an assisted living community or nursing home. This does not mean that in-home care is free, however, and there are some things to consider when thinking about planning and funding senior care services.

Comfort Keepers Can Help You Plan Senior Care Services in Paradise, NV

Initially, seniors who are counting on Medicare or Medicaid to fund their supports should do a little more research. Both programs provide nursing home, hospice, medical equipment, and long-term care support; however, this support comes with strict financial and medical requirements. As a result, many seniors in need of daily living supports find themselves outside looking in.

Long-term care insurance is a popular means of paying for support, but choosing a plan can be challenging. Planning and funding senior care services through long-term insurance can be complicated and confusing since plans do not always cover what you think they do. Seniors considering a long-term care policy should compare many different plans and be certain they understand what they are purchasing before finalizing a purchase.

Seniors who serviced in the United States armed services may be able to get support from the Veterans Administration. This support is available for their spouse (and surviving spouse) as well. As with other government programs, there are service, financial, and medical qualifiers that must be met in order to receive services.

For more information about planning and funding senior care services, please contact a Comfort Keepers care coordinator. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about care, fees, and payment plans as well as schedule a free in-home consultation.

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