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Being a Caregiver in Las Vegas, NV

Aug 7, 2017 by Comfort Keepers

Many care providers did not plan to be a caregiver in the traditional sense of the word. If this were a superhero blog, it could be said that "caregiving chose them". One day they were helping mom or dad with their shopping and folding some laundry and the next thing you know – Bam! Primary caregiver.

Despite the many challenges that family caregivers face, especially those who had responsibility thrust upon them with little or no notice, very few of them choose to walk away from their calling. In fact, most care providers throw themselves into their role so much that they can become overwhelmed and burned out. Even then, few are willing to turn over the reins of care.

To many, being a caregiver is a sacred trust. It is an opportunity to give back and maybe even provide an example to those who are coming up behind them. Others simply believe it is the right thing to do.

Becoming a Las Vegas, NV Caregiver

Whatever the reason for the care or the situation that led one to become a caregiver, most family care providers have a few things in common:

Standard life is over. Not only does life as it once was come to a stop, but you will never be the same after dedicating yourself to the selfless care of another.

Training is on-the-job. Few family caregivers were trained for the types of care their loved one requires. From memory care to personal care and from providing physical supports such as transferring the senior from one location to another to dealing with issues of cognitive impairment, care providers are tasked with a plethora of issues that take professionals years to master.

There is a whole new world to understand. The world of caregiving is complex and learning to navigate it takes time. From doctor's appointments and pharmacy trips to social care, financial quirks, and issues with transportation, medication, and taxation, even a college course in caregiving would struggle to cover all the different aspects of care.

The good news is that as a family caregiver, you do not need to do everything by yourself. Those that try typically end up frustrated, fatigued, and burned out. Instead, adding a component of professional in-home care can make all the difference.

To find out how Comfort Keepers in-home care providers can help your senior loved one maximize their independence and quality of life while providing peace and support for family caregivers, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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